Halal Certification

Halal Approved

Cleveland Meat Co. Ltd. has for many years been the principle producer and supplier of the highest quality HALAL meat to outlets in the North of England. During recent years the Company has experienced a massive growth in the demand for HALAL products and is now one of the major suppliers of HALAL meat to butchers and outlets throughout the UK, with the added ability to export and supply itís products to Europe.

All animals that are slaughtered are fit and healthy and are slaughtered in a clean environment by approved persons who adhere to the strict principles as required by, and in accordance with, Islamic Law.

At Cleveland Meat Co. Ltd. those persons, Mohammed Yasin, Afzaal Ahmed, and Mohammed Gulbar Manzoor ( see Contact Us page for further details ) conscientiously carry out their tasks to ensure that all meat is 100% HALAL. This means that customers can be certain that the meat that they obtain is the perfect, genuine, product and is pure in every way.